Luna Mrozik Gawler

[4] Attentiveness is a two-part proposition(1).

-37.097058, 149.862823

Yuin country

(Creek as departure)

(Creek flows north to south.)

Salt and fresh exchanging stories in a rhythmic motif, mouths agape at such polyphonic
intimacy. This can be heard as - rapids, slick hush and froth pushing over the dark curve of boulder bellies – seaweed, minnow, sea eagle, ibis, green frog, cicadas, human.
Attempt: Sliding fingers into the wet black cracks of rocks, pushing lips to the wet froth of the water’s edge and humming a low tone.  A sandstone cliff sheers up into the gloaming, one star demands space from the clouds, you lower toes tentative into the water, two faces watch, perched tight together on a brittle branch halfway up the cliff face. They swoop low and away, when the last of the light exhales.

[To listen better: place three creek pebbles under the tongue, wait.]

1 Van Doreen, T. Kirksey, E. Munster, U. 2016. Multispecies Studies- Cultivating Arts of Attentiveness, Environmental Humanities Vol 8.