Luna Mrozik Gawler

[7] We notice connections in part through their ruination(5).

-37.719558, 144.934236

Wurundjeri ,Woi wurrung and Bunurong country

(Creek as archive.)

(Creek nurses’ bodies, hatching.)

The gestures here are guarded. Light low in the deepest part of the water, wattle trees bent low, shielding the water from a historic violence in perpetual motion. The rocks lean in from storm water drains ready to topple on bodies less welcome than mosquitos thickening the wet air (there can be no question that the vocabulary of moss is one of ease) - magpie lark, blow fly, minor, cockatoo, moss, labrador (black) golden retriever puppy, great dane, staffy (grey) lollipop stick, straw, straw, glass, tinsel, bubble wrap, (wattle bird) cling film, chewing gum wrapper x 6 and packet and gum, t-shirt, cardigan, whistle, driver’s license, bong, train ticket, wrapper, safety tape, human, polystyrene (big, small, individual) yoghurt tub, ice-cream cup, twist ties, chip packet, snickers bar (frog).

Feels like itching, like slight shards of plastic between fingernail and flesh.

Attempt: Caring - moving quickly, lightly across flat rock and soft mud in the reeds, tending to the ruins. Balancing on the rock most central to the stream and reach down for the old military steel wedged sharp underneath. Rock it loose, and if you can’t remove it, hammer down the sides so it can’t slice the small bare feet climbing nearby. If you find a mask, cut the ties before disposal (incite hope.)

5. Tsing, A, Swanson, H, Gan. E, Bubdant, N. 2017. Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet- Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene (Minnesota Press) pM10